Hebei Huali Machinery Company produces hand handwheel, knob, bakelite hand wheel, hinge, chain, handgrip, button and other Machine Tool Accessory,Tel 0318-2222299
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    Hebei Huali Machinery Accessories Co., Ltd.   (Original is Shenzhou  Nanhu Bakelite Factory)    is a professional enterprise with designing, manufacturing, service and trading, owning advanced production equipment and hard working team..

    the company was established in 2009,and under the original Shenzhou Nanhu  Bakelite  Factory , now it is in the  transformation period, as well as owning the same  business qualification.Certainly the original business still go on.with the original foundation,Huali Company has developed many new products,and also get the independent operation  ability.

    Except,   our company plan to hire of the most work, and carry out the diversified management, the product range covers will be more broad amount at the end of  2012.

    Our company is specialized in “Industrial supporting standard components”, “Machinery manipulation components”, “Mechanical electrical protection suite”, and “Machinery fasteners” etc,  more than ten series ,  50-odd varieties, and thousands of products.inclduing  handle ,handwheel, knob, chain, hinge, support foot , pulling handle, position indicator, some protective set  and so on.

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