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Rubber wood profile of handwheel

2015-10-27 14:14:05
Rubber wood

Rubber wood is the rubber tree trunk and subtropical species, produced in Hainan Island, China and other places. After tapping rubber trees grown every year, with a knife in the trunk lateral semicircular notch cut slightly downward, out of the juice is the original gum, is the manufacture of rubber raw materials. Usually a few years in the future tree is old, no longer produced or produced in very small plastic, and can use its trunk to make furniture, material is very general. The most significant point, retired rubber tree used to make those tools, it's extremely popular with the market welcomed.

Rubber wood, the wood density is lower than oak, but also compared to the loose texture, it is generally only half the price of oak wood. Before manufacture into furniture, rubber and rubber wood off the first element, otherwise the color will be made after the furniture back to black. Because rubber wood furniture easily cause skin allergies, weak allergy are advised not to use.

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