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Using an electric hand should pay attention to the problems

2013-07-05 16:19:41

 Electric motorcycle handlebar (handlebar heater). To a certain extent to solve the winter when driving a motorcycle particularly cold finger problems. In recent years, more types of motorcycle electric handlebar, and continuous improvement in technology, from the electric wire heating to heating by the electric coating, hand warmers effect continuously improve, more and more people use the motorcycle driver. According to some users consulting, reflected in the use of electric handle problems in the process, now "in the section on the use of electric motorcycle handlebars should be noted that the question" are highlighted below.

Electric motorcycle handlebars, engine operation is the use of the generator produces an electric current through an electric hand or electric wire coating. Hand produce heat. If the electric wire connection handle poorly located, will result in insufficient charging car batteries. Especially in the "a load balancing resistor lighting control method of regulating the charge voltage" of the motorcycle is particularly prominent.
The so-called "load balancing using resistive voltage control method for regulating the charging light" is a lighting system with a power equivalent resistance of the load, when the motorcycle is not used in the daytime running lighting devices, lighting systems to replace the on-resistance of the electricity ; when the motorcycle driving at night with lighting device, disconnect the resistor. Regardless of at what time the motorcycle driving, the lighting system has a steady load, in order to stabilize the output voltage of the charging coil lighting. The car load balancing resistor power principle with the vehicle lighting device considerable power. The use of the process of the motorcycle, the load balancing resistor and connector is good or not, directly affects the amount of charge car battery and signal devices to live with life. When the load balancing resistor power is too large, too much electricity, the charging system will reduce the amount of charge, resulting in insufficient battery charging power loss; And when the load balancing resistor power is too small, the power consumption is too low, then the charging system charge amount increases, resulting in damage to the battery overcharge and damage to system components of the signal, and the actual use of the process of the motorcycle, when the load balancing resistor short-circuit or the connecting cable, the charging system, the charging current is too small, or is not charged current; And when load balancing resistor or cable break, then the result of the charging system charging current is too large, or even damage the battery and signal devices.
"With resistive load balancing control method regulate the charging voltage lighting," the motorcycle, with the electric hand, the battery is easy because of loss of electricity, electric wire connection handle misplaced.
        To the "AC-powered electric coating" electric handle, for example, the product has a "daytime running" and "night driving," the switch, use the "load balancing using resistive voltage control method for regulating the charging lighting" motorcycle on. When driving in the daytime when the motorcycle, electric hand powered by a magneto lighting coil generates heat; when the motorcycle when driving at night, an electric hand powered by a magneto charging coil generates heat. When connecting the electric wire handle, the handle of the red line and the electric magnetic motor charging coil output cable, but can not handle the electric yellow line is connected to the coil Magneto lighting to lighting switch between, but should load balancing resistance, disconnect the light switch, the electric lines and lighting yellow handlebar switch connection, and is subject to Xi Ming switch control. That is when the motorcycle traveling in the daytime, the electric resistance of the handle instead of load balancing; when the motorcycle traveling at night, with the illumination device switched on, electric power is cut off the handle, this time, electric toggle handle The switch, charging coil by the magnetic motor power to the electric handle.
        If it is not in the daytime driving, instead of using an electric hand load balancing resistor (yellow line will handle electric lighting switch output terminal connected to the load-balancing resistor connected to the original place), and controlled by the light switch. When the motorcycle traveling in the daytime, load balancing resistor power on too large (an increase of electric power handle), leading the charge current decreases, resulting in insufficient battery charging power loss. Meanwhile, when the motorcycle traveling at night, the light switch can not be turned on when the lighting device is disconnected on the electric power supply handle, at this time if you do not handle the electric toggle switch, replaced by the electric charging coil Magneto hand power, the coil of the illumination load is too large, resulting in decreased brightness of the illumination device.
       Remember, when using an AC-powered electric hand should be based on night driving with daytime running different electric handlebar timely toggle switch. Otherwise, an electric hand due to no supply current without heat.